Wines from Germany

Top wines from Germany

ARCONS Wine & Spirit GmbH exports German wines from the Moselle, Rhine Hesse and Palatinate to the Russian Federation. In close cooperation with vintners of note, we offer our discerning customers wines of absolute top quality.

Our business partners benefit from many years of experience and numerous contacts in the Russian market. ARCONS is responsible for the certification, registration, analysis, export, logistics and distribution of your wines in Russia. ARCONS cooperates with various institutions to locally implement promotional projects and other activities for your products.



Weingut Diehl


What the soil and climate impart to the grapes in terms of natural quality is preserved and perfected with the highest level of craftsmanship. With their knowledge of the specific characteristics and quality, Diehl succeeds in producing wines that are interpreted to perfection.

Region: Palatinate

Website: www.diehl-wein.de

Weingut Gebrüder Ludwig

The myth that is the Moselle

Authentic, natural products from Thörnicher Ritsch. Grand quality, a clear structure and easy recognition are important to us. This is where delicate wines of worldwide renown evolve on misty slopes.

Region: Moselle

Website: www.gebruederludwig.de

Weingut Schittler / Becker

The Schittler and Becker families have produced their wines in Rhine Hesse for generations. The close cooperation between the two wineries has deepened their shared love of wine and its production, the result of which is a distinctive quality.

Region: Rhine Hesse

Website: www.schittler-becker.de


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