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“Bear Force” has a very special and distinctive aftertaste that harmonizes to provide a subtle spiciness.

Bear Force


BEAR FORCE is a pure durum-wheat vodka with an unmistakably spicy taste. The exclusivity of your enjoyment is guaranteed by limited-edition bottling.

In the production of BEAR FORCE, only fresh spring water from a private source is used to distill the clear, aromatic alcohol from ginseng and pine buds. We use a historical copper alembic for this purpose, a special device for distilling essential oils and similar to those for distilling high-quality French cognacs. The pine buds give BEAR FORCE a light fragrance and warming effect.

The noble fur among the high-percentage spirits: BEAR FORCE!



Gold Medal 2013

Congratulations on the summit of enjoyment

In 2013, BEAR FORCE was awarded a Gold Medal by the “Beverage Tasting Institute” in Chicago. This premium spirit earned a proud 94 out of a possible 100 points in the “White Vodka” category. What's more, BEAR FORCE has already collected numerous awards within the Russian Federation.



The BrjanskSpirtProm Ltd. (BSP) is a modern high-tech company with over 100 years of tradition. The annual production of liqueurs and vodka of this premium distillery exceeds 1,000,000 liters.

Apart from the various vodkas, the company has more than 50 different products including balms, as well as bitter and sweet tinctures. For its high-quality alcohol, BSP uses the latest technology to filter from natural raw materials and additives such as grasses, roots, etc. The company's own artesian well at a depth of 178 m provides fresh spring water for the pure taste. The multi-stage carbon filtration refines the crystal clarity of our products. This is the secret of the company's success—the combination of traditional recipes with advanced distillation processes.

The BrjanskSpirtProm Ltd. and its range of products is represented in Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Israel, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The distillery has secured international recognition with numerous awards – most recently the BSP Vodka “BEAR FORCE” was among the nominees in the category “Opener of the Year” by the “Beverage Tasting Institute” in Chicago, winning the 2013 Gold Medal.



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